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Write a C++ Program for Fedor’s Roadmap Navigation Problem

C++ Program for Fedor’s Roadmap Navigation Problem Fedor is a research scientist, who has recently found a roadmap of Ancient Berland. Ancient Berland consisted of N cities that were connected by M bidirectional roads. The road builders weren’t knowledgable. Hence, the start city and the end city for each road were always chosen randomly and

Gangs of Dholakpur – Cumulative Weight Problem

Gangs of Dholakpur-Cumulative Weight Problem In the school of Dholakpur the gang having the greatest number of cumulative weight dominates. Currently Kalia’s gang dominates with cumulative weight M.Since, Kalia’s gang is abusive so, Bheem decides to end this and establish peace in the school. Bheem can only defeat Kalia if the cumulative weight of his