80 Ways To Drive Quality Traffic To Your Blog | 2017

 Awesome tips to drive blog traffic


I always love to help people, especially fellow bloggers and I have discovered the problem most bloggers face is getting traffic to their blogs.


There are different ways of getting traffic to your blog, there are both ethical and unethical ways. When we talk about unethical ways, they are some kind of foolish/stupid traffic techniques that can never benefit you, some examples are autosurf and traffic exchange while quality traffic is the type of traffic that converts, it is not about faking, but it provides real people who are really interested in what you have to offer.

I will be talking about the ethical traffic generation tips which brings about quality traffic only and I will also want you to note that the methods in this post are applicable to any niche.


Below are 80 great ways to get FREE traffic to your blog.


1. Write quality Posts :

2.Comment on other blogs:

3. Guest post on other blogs:

4. Optimize your blog for search engines:

5. Participate in forums 

6. Make use of trackbacks

7. Write List posts

8. Write top 10 posts

9. Write 101 list posts like this

10. Write about how to drive traffic to blog

11. Build your mailing list

12. Write for tutorial sites

13. Work on getting covered by the media

14. Write Link-bait posts.

15. Create an iPhone app for your website

16. Join blogging communities

17. Join secret bloggers club

18. Blog Pinging

19. Submit your blog to blog carnivals.

20. Start a Contest

21. Create cool videos related to your niche and mass distribute it to all popular video sites.

22. Use your blog URL as signature in your email.

23. Submit your blog to feed directories

24. Write a press release about your blog and submit it to free press release websites.

25. Advertise your blog using Google Adwords.

26. Advertise your blog using Facebook Ads.

27. Advertise your blog on your local television station.

28. Participate in website groups like Google Groups

29. Advertise your website using the stumble upon ads

30. Create a keyword

31. Create a professional twitter account, get some followers and start tweeting your blog posts (make sure to use #hashtags).

32. Add social sharing buttons to your blog (at the end of all posts, preferably) – you will get more traffic when people share your posts.

33. Submit your blog to blog directories

34. Submit your blog to website directories

35. Create a mobile version of your blog

36. Start a controversial topic

37. Make sure you are listed in DMOZ 

38. Sue Google or any big company

39. Always submit your posts to Stumbleupon 

40. Always use tags in your posts.

41. Answer questions on yahoo answers and use your blog as the source.

42. Write a post featuring the top influencers in your niche 

43. Contact many bloggers and ask them the same questions, compile all their answers into a post 

44. Interview the top bloggers in your niche 

45. Be the first to cover top news 

46. Get listed in Google news.

47. Write a post containing pictures only 

48. Make video posts. Video Blogging is great way to go viral.

49. Write posts in relation to celebrities 

50. Write great, super-duper, killer headlines 

51. Do something that has never been done

52. Submit your blog posts to niche social bookmarking sites.

53. Look for a top or medium blogger in your niche and disagree or agree strongly with one of their posts

54. Advertise your blog on craiglist.

55. Always do keyword research before you write your posts

56. Review big websites related to your niche on Alexa and try to link back to your site in the review.

57. Submit your posts to digg 

58. Contact a few of your blogging friends  and ask them to help you share and vote your blog post on social bookmarking sites.

59. Interview many Top  people in your niche at a time.

60. Creat a survey about a popular subject and publish the result out for the public to see

61. Take a look at a celebrity that has a lot of fans and write a post on why the fellow is not supposed to have any fan ;).

62. Make sure your readers subscribe to your feed, this will bring about more repeat visitors 

63. Try ot be a social media power user.

64. Make influencers and power users your friend.

65. Make it easier to translate the content on your blog 

66. Proofread your blog posts regularly – many people won’t link to unprofessional articles.

67. Start a very creative product/company/website 

68. Make the news at all costs 

69. Sponsor charities and give them a link to your blog, they will be very happy to link to you thereby leading to more traffic.

70. Build a very useful tool e.g. a great SEO tool

71. Join a blog webring.

72. Add a forum to your blog.

73. Try to have guest posters on your blog 

74. Advertise your blog on billboards and flyers offline 

75. Have a facebook fan page for your blog

76. Write great posts that start with [Pls Don’t Read] – people are so curious and will want to read, thereby sharing your great post.

77. Try to do free blogging seminars in your local area, collaborate with top people over there and let them help you gather people together 

78. Sponsor blog contests in your niche 

79. Be a friend of all top bloggers in your niche 

80. Write an “Ultimate Guide” to something 



BONUS TIPS to Drive more Traffic to Blog

 Be on every social networking sites and post a link to your latest article everyday (this alone will get you hundreds of views to your articles daily and more backlinks to increase your search engine rankings).

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